About Us

Who We Are and What We Believe

Everyone is welcome at Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ.   We are an open and affirming congregation seeking to connect the people of southwest Montana with one another.  We are also a part of the larger UCC denomination with more than 6,400 chuches nationwide.  Founded in 1959 Pilgrim offers a rich mix of spiritual, educational and mission-based activities that reach far beyond our Bozeman location.  Our members and friends who number about 260 cordially invite you to worship with us.  For additional information see FAQ.

Mission Statement

We come together to celebrate the seasons of Christian life and to welcome diverse people into community.media-193587  We welcome all to share in the life and leadership, ministry, and fellowship, worship, sacraments, responsibilities and blessings of participation in our congregation.  We covenant as God’s instruments to study and practice wisdom and compassion, to encourage the spiritual work of each individual for the sake of the world, and to perform joyfully and humbly acts of kindness and justice.  We, Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ, declare ourselves to be open and affirming.  With God’s grace, we seek to be a congregation that includes all persons, embracing differences of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, mental and physical ability, and racial, ethnic, or socio-economic backgrounds.

Statement of Faith

We regard the Church as a Fellowship of those who are seeking, together, to become true followers of Jesus Christ;media-120277 a Fellowship bound together by a common loyalty to the Kingdom of God and by a common purpose to learn and live the Christian Way.  Believing in the mediation of God’s will and way to each sincerely seeking soul, and respecting the freedom and responsibility of the individual mind and conscience, we require of those who unite with us no formal creedal commitment.  We do require that you covenant to cooperate with us, as best you are able, in the work and worship of the Church, seeking always its peace, its purity and its prosperity, to the end that we may ever more effectively serve the cause of Christ and humanity.