Finance Team

Managing Pilgrim’s Budget

The Finance Coordinating Team is responsible for Finance Committee 2014Pilgrim’s fiscal side. The finance team monitors income and expenses and each year they must produce a balanced budget. Pilgrim’s Endowment Fund is also managed by this team.

The team conducts a stewardship campaign every fall to secure pledges for the next years budget. Team members work with the church accountant, investment advisor, financial secretary and church treasurer.  Finance reports directly to the Pilgrim Church Council, as well as to the whole Congregation who must vote to adopt every annual budget.


Pilgrim Church is entirely self-supporting.

Approximately 75 percent of its annual revenue comes from member pledges and gifts. The remaining 25 percent comes from rentals, non-member gifts, interest income and proceeds from fund-raising events.


Pilgrim places a high importance on supporting the local community as much as possible. This is accomplished through our church office and staff as well as money given directly to other organizations. Church facilities are used extensively by numerous groups, including several twelve step programs and other community groups at very low rates.  For more detail you can obtain a copy of Pilgrim’s most recent annual report from the church office (see bottom of this page for contact info).

Gifts and Pledges

Pilgrim gratefully accepts donations which may be designated for general operations or for a specific purposes such as the endowment fund, mission projects or the memorial fund. If you are interested in making a gift to Pilgrim please contact the church office (see bottom of this page for contact info).