Minister’s Reflections

Our monthly newsletter, Pilgrim Pace, features a spiritual column called Reflections written by Rev. Glover Wager. What follows is an archive of the last several years of these columns beginning with the most recent. They can be read as individual spiritual thought pieces, as guides for meditation or for simple enjoyment. The newsletter also includes current events, meeting announcements and opportunities for friends and members. If you are not already a subscriber, please consider using the e-news tool found on our home page to join our mailing list.

Cleansing the Doors of Perception

A religious person knows that he can only change himself.  He says, “I am wrong, I am carrying fictions, through me the world is wrong.  Unless I change myself there can be no change.

On Living An Integrated Life

There is a way of life that is deep and satisfying and joyful, but to come upon this way we need to grapple with the force of our egos- with our ambitions and desires. Jesus says …

On Love and Grace

Love doesn’t demand that it be reciprocated. Surely love rejoices when it is shared. But there is an unconditional character about love …

On The Purpose of Beauty

A marvelous example of the capacity of beauty to preserve the magic of creation is the song, “America the Beautiful,” by Katherine Lee Bates. America is a young nation with excellent potential.

On Telling Our Spiritual Stories

Often the revelatory moment comes when our own powers to make something happen are exhausted and we honestly don’t know where to turn or what to do.

On Taking The Warrior Vow This Advent

Yes, we stumble and fall and regress, but each failure is simply a blessed opportunity to renew our practice, to take the vow of helping others again. There is no blame …

How Rabbi Shefa Gold, Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault, You, & God are Wed in the Imaginal Realm

… the complaint usually surfaces that such talk has little to do with practical, everyday life. What does the imaginal realm have to do with working a job or raising children or confronting global unrest? …

Reflections on Standing in the Gap

What is the abiding quality of those who stand in the gap?

Reflections On the Eye of the Heart

He does not come to us ultimately through his words that we recite or through his teachings that we learn. He does not meet us through our recollection …

Reflections On Being Congregational

by inference the basic characteristics of our own church. This is who we are and who we are bold enough to declare. We have taken a courageous stance in declaring …

Reflections On Heart to Heart Listening

it sounds to me that in spite of all the tensions in your life just now and your desire for greater clarity, you seem to be at peace, basically, with who you are,

Reflections On Jesus and John

In reality there is a natural give and take between these two views. In actual life there are certainly some things a person can do on their own initiative and there are times that that person, any person, needs some help.

Reflections On “No Man Is An Island”

 “transforms our sense of who we think we are. We are not lonely creatures struggling to gain a foothold of security on a small speck of earth. We have allegiance with nature and with people.

Reflections On Time

… three prevailing meanings of time that have erupted from Western history.  The ancients believed …

Reflections On Original Blessing

To self-reflect, to feel worthy, to connect with human goodness – these are brave things to do. Are we going to be brave? What must we do now? First, we need to take time …

Reflections On Letting Go To The Present Moment

So I go in, and we start making raspberry jam. We’re sterilizing the bottles and mashing the raspberries, and he’s telling me about …

Reflections On Waiting on the Lord

Their hopes were dashed by Jesus’ cruel death. As they walked aimlessly along the road, shocked and depressed by the events of the last few days, they had ‘been knocked down by an express train.’ Yes, ‘the gaiety has been crushed out of them and they feel …

Reflections On Dying and Rising

[Jesus] entrance into physical pain is simultaneously his consciousness of God’s love with him. Where are we most conscious of Jesus’ freedom and nobility─ on the cross where all seems lost; where are we most conscious of God’s power …

Reflections On Big Mind

If we put this spiritual principle into action and apply these metaphors to our actual life, then we undergo a true change in consciousness. We stop identifying with our role as …

Reflections on Oneness at the Heart of Life

One of the most spectacular events in professional skiing is the Downhill.  Over the years as I have watched both men and women speed down the various courses at eighty miles per hour, I have thought about what principles are manifested in this flawless action.

Reflections on Freedom from Attachment

This straining for something or someone outside who will grant us meaning can and does go through our adult lives. The name of the attachment may alter, but the underlying psychological mindset remains the same.

Reflections on Moving Beyond Survival

This gift, the precious gift that enables us to live free from our obsession with mere survival and ego achievement, is the knowledge that our lives are anchored …

Reflections on Being & Doing

… minister in Absarokee I was met often with the customary greeting: “Are you working hard or hardly working?” We define people in terms of accomplishment and achievement. A person’s identity consists of what we can outwardly measure.

Reflections On Sacred Mutuality

He left the old in order to come upon the new. He gave up absolute identification with his cultural and religious worldview in order to discover himself as a companion in the spirit with all other …

The Wonder in Me

Out of the blue he posed to me a sincere question: “What is your Christology?”  I sat in my chair quietly, looked around and caught my father’s smile out of the corner of my eye.  We all knew that we would have a late dinner.

Your Own Damn Life

“… discovery of our own gift carries with it the the quality of giftedness.  We  own it and can’t help but to express it …”

Reflections on Faces

“… when faces display such open welcome, such all-encompassing love, such unspoken depth, they capture up, as it were, all the faces we have known and loved.”

Compassionate Openness

  “I am here not to force my belief on another, but to become enriched by their belief.  I am here not to convert another to my view of what is right, but to allow their view to expand my horizon.”

A Background to the Foreground

“Failure is real.  Success is real.  They seem to go together in this one life.  Whether we give ourselves to a game or a poem we better be ready for these twin poles of existence.”

Becoming a Dedicated Spirit

“… it was undergirded by the vision that came to me on that walk: that the Word had become flesh, that matter was something that spirit was doing, and that this alive world was the home of God.”

The Nature of True Help

“Being with the person means just offering one’s presence.  One sits with the person without the need to speak.  No words of blame here for why …”

Separate and Together

Sometimes what we say we will never do is the thing we end up doing. Sometimes our most vivid enemy becomes our best friend.  Sometimes our moment of greatest weakness is the occasion of our consciousness of God’s grace and our power in the spirit.”

Finding Meaning in the Particular

The job was beyond boring, but into the second week I gave myself to it with complete focus and began to memorize the different prices for the parts.  Gradually it became  a true joy …”

Reflections on What Creates Change

… egoism, my greed, my pettiness, and so on. I want to understand these things, to see how they arise, to see them deeply without judging them. This kind of self-understanding leads to true change.

from The Silence of Unknowing by Terrence Grant