Special Music

A Chance to Shine

Pilgrim’s music program features special music provided by members of the congregation as well as people from Bozeman and surrounding areas.  Music shared is varied in style and genre and includes instrumentals, vocal and ensemble pieces.

If you have a musical talent thatMusic - Tim and Bass you’d like to share as a part of a Pilgrim service, contact Amy Leach at 916-770-5348 or Kate Bryan at 406-570-2839.  If you need accompaniment, it may be possible to arrange for an accompanist, depending on the difficulty of the piece and the time required for preparation.  We welcome people of all ages and abilities to share their music at Pilgrim.

Soloists and Small Ensembles

Some Sundays feature classical music.  Area musicians including Ilse-Mari Lee, Tom Lee, and Karen & Alan Leech, are just a few of theMusic - Ilsephoto classically-oriented musicians sharing their gifts at Pilgrim.

Pilgrim also welcomes musicians and singers who wish to share other styles of music including folk, blues, Americana and other contemporary music genres.

Chamber Group w/Carrie KrausePilgrim’s talented youth will also be featured in solo or group performances on select Sundays.  If you know
of a youth who should be given an opportunity to shine in God’s love, let Amy Leach or Kate Bryan know so that ALL may be included

Share your Talents! Anybody who would like to share piece of music (vocal or instrumental), is encouraged to contact the church so we can identify a Sunday for you to share your talents.