When are your Services?

We have a traditional service on Sunday morning at 10 am with Church School and child care.   From September to May, we also offer an 8:30 am Sunday service entitled Seeking the Spirit, an interactive experience which focuses on dialogue with spiritual themes.     See our service times for more information.

What kind of church is Pilgrim?

Pilgrim is a liberal Protestant church and is part of the denomination called the United Church of Christ.  There are more than 6,400 UCC churches nationally. In keeping with the Congregational Way, we govern ourselves democratically, deciding as a congregation how to structure our church and seeking to include all who wish to worship with us.  Pilgrim is known for its diverse and enthusiastic congregation enriched with people from many religious backgrounds.

How large is Pilgrim?

Though the numbers vary, Pilgrim has approximately 260 members and friends.  We also reach several hundred more members and friends through our electronic communications.   If you do not already receive Pilgrim’s e-newsletter, please subscribe today.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What do you believe at Pilgrim?

That they may all be one (John 17:21). This is the motto of our church which reflects the spirit of unity on which we are based. In essentials, unity, in non-essentials, diversity, in all things, charity.  The unity that we seek requires neither an uncritical acceptance of any point of view nor a rigid formulation of doctrine.  It does require mutual understanding and agreement as to which aspects of the Christian faith and life are essential.

  • Testimonies of faith rather than tests of faith.   Because faith can be expressed in many different ways, our church has no formula that is a test of faith.  That is what we mean when we say we are a non-creedal church.   We do however have a statement of faith which honors the freedom and integrity of the individual mind and conscience.
  • There is yet more light and truth to break forth from God’s Holy Word.  This classic statement declares that the study of Scripture is not limited by past interpretations but is to be pursued with expectancy for new insights and help for living today.
  • The priesthood of all believers.  All members of the church are called to minister to others and to participate as equals in the common worship of God.   Though we have a minister his task is to guide, to instruct and to enable all Christians to do the work of ministry, rather than to do the work of ministry for us.
  • Responsible freedom.  As individuals, we are free to believe and act in accordance with our perception of God’s will for our lives.  But we are also called to live in a loving covenantal relationship with one another.  As a congregation we are free to act in accordance with our collective decisions, but we are also called to live in a covenantal relationship with other congregations for the sharing of insights and for cooperative action.

What is the mix of the congregation?

Our congregation ranges in age from some of our original founders who started the church in 1961 to the newest babies born in any given year.   We have a wide variety of young families, seniors, couples and singles.  We especially prize the inter-generational aspects of our congregation.  Some who worship with us maintain the status of “friend.”  These loyal and committed people are very much a part of our church family.   Others take the next step in their spiritual journey and become members.   Membership is not only a public affirmation of your faith in God, but it also gives you a vote on congregational matters.

Who can join Pilgrim?

Pilgrim welcomes all.  We are an open and affirming church and we usually accept new members twice each year in formal ceremony.  If you are interested in transferring your membership from another church we are pleased to help you.

How do I join Pilgrim?

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Rev. Wagner at 597-3690 or visit “Become a Member,” and fill in the form.   He will tell you the date of the next membership ceremony which  typically takes place during the Sunday church service.    Pilgrim also schedules regular Inquirer’s Meetings for those who would like to join and may still have questions about the church and its beliefs.


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