Altar - Communion - modSacraments are ritual actions in worship which, according to Scripture, were instituted by Jesus.  In the sacrament of communion we ask the Holy Spirit to use bread and wine to make visible the grace, forgiveness, and presence of God in Christ.  The communion meal recalls the table fellowship Jesus shared with his disciples, and in particular the Last Supper on the night before his death, as well as his appearances to the disciples during meals following his resurrection.

In the sacrament of Holy Communion, also called the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist, meaning “thanksgiving,” Christians hear, taste, touch, and receive the grace of God revealed through Jesus Christ in a unique way.  Communion is offered at Pilgrim during significant moments of the liturgical year.  In our church the communion table is open to all Christians who wish to know the presence of Christ and to share in the community of God’s people.