Hannah, Amanda Suzanneand Marc
Joining a congregation is an important step and not one to take lightly.  It is significant not only for the individual who becomes a member, but also for the congregation.  In becoming a member a person says, “Yes, I am a part of the church.  This community is central to my life.”  A congregation says, “Yes, you are a part of this congregation.”  We are blessed by the gifts and perspectives of persons who are new among us.

Karen and Jason and Glover

Furthermore, a congregation, said the early Christian teacher, Paul, is like a body.  He described the church as “the body of Christ.”  No one person is the whole body, each is a part.  We need each other’s gifts to compliment our own and we are strengthened, tested and deepened as we share in the life of a community of faith.

Pilgrim regards itself as open and affirming.  We seek to provide all friends a hospitable space for their spiritual journey.  Our membership statement is cemented in the “Congregational Way” and has two key elements.  It respects the freedom of the individual mind and conscience and asks all who join to co-operate in love with the whole church family. For more information please consult Becoming a Member.