Unique Comfort

Pilgrim CongStained Glass Borderedregational United Church of Christ seeks to be a comfortable place for you in your time of loss.  We encourage you to hold a Memorial Service in our church as a way of celebrating the life of your loved one and feeling the ties that bind through worship.

Losing someone we love brings inevitable grief.  Thus our church seeks to be as supportive as we can during this difficult time.  We want to be a loving space where people feel free to express their real feelings and know that God cares.  Our church is a sanctuary where people can gather in the shelter of God’s healing love and comfort and support one another in their common loss.

When a Death Occurs

Spiritual care and comfort are always appropriate for a person facing death and for their loved ones.  When a death is anticipated or has occurred, contact our minister.  Words of comfort and practical guidance about what to do next are all part of the ministry Pilgrim can provide.

Spiritual care does not end at the memorial service.  The minister is available for follow-up care in the weeks and months following your loved one’s death.  If you would like someone with whom to talk, to pray, or to help with questions, the minister will be available to you.

To Help with Your Decisions

A Memorial Service is a way to celebrate a person’s life and to hold that person in God’s love.  All such services include scripture, prayer, a eulogy, music, and time for family and friends to share their memories.  You are encouraged to display photographs and other symbols of the deceased. The service may include a casket, urn, or neither.  Family members are very important in the planning of the service.  Please allow time to meet with the minister.

Using the Sanctuary

Pilgrim Congregational UCC encourages families of our church members and friends to use the sanctuary for memorial services. This choice provides a familiar environment, in the context of worship, and the hope of our faith. Church memorials are particularly appropriate for those who have been an active part of their congregation.


Family florDSC_0011al pieces are placed in the front of the church for the memorial service.  Following the service, we welcome your gift of flowers for our Sunday service, in honor of your loved one.  Please ask the funeral home to leave the floral piece you select in the sanctuary.

Choosing Music

If musicians are desired, please let the minister know and he will assist you with the details. Vocalists are welcome to participate in this service.  They should contact the musician in advance to arrange accompaniment. Pianos are available. Tapes and/or CDs can also be played. If a recording of the service is desired, please let the minister know.


The Minister of Pilgrim Congregational UCC conducts memorial services held in the church building.  Your request to have other clergy participate will be honored.  The minister will arrange details with guest clergy.


The Boyd Fellowship Room may be used for a reception following the service.  Women of Pilgrim will host memorial receptions for affiliated members/friends and be responsible for food, beverages, and related costs.

It is suggested that the menu be kept simple: for example sandwiches, vegetables or fruit platters, and cookies.  Hot and cold beverages are also included.  Women of Pilgrim will set up tables, serve at the reception, and clean up the room and kitchen. Upon request, Women of Pilgrim will provide simple table centerpieces.  Please let the minister know if you are planning to use the services of Women of Pilgrim, or, are making other arrangements for the reception.

Unaffiliated persons are responsible for room and kitchen rental fees, food and beverage costs, set-up, and clean-up.  If catering or providing your own food, please coordinate delivery of food with the church office before the reception.  If the caterer is not providing paper and plastic products, such as plates, napkins, and beverage cups, the family must provide those.



Members are not charged rental fees for the use of the church and the minister’s services.  A donation to the church is always appreciated.  Please make checks payable to the Pilgrim Congregational UCC (memo: memorial).


Members are responsible for the musician’s honorarium.  Please ask for the referral list.  Please make checks payable to the musician.

Recording Service

Members are responsible for the recorder’s honorarium.  Please ask for the referral list.  Please make checks payable to the recorder.


Members are not charged a reception fee; however, a donation to Women of Pilgrim is appreciated.  Costs range between $3 and $6 per person.  Please make checks payable to Women of Pilgrim (memo: memorial reception)

Unaffiliated persons are responsible for:

Sanctuary $126
Boyd Room $66
Partial/Full Kitchen $38-$80
Minister $300
Musician (determined by musician)
Recorder (determined by recorder)

For more information about Pilgrim’s rental contracts, costs and rental policies, please consult the rental section of our website. Also be certain to contact the church office for details on schedules and facilities use at 587-3690.