It can be hard to find your way in such a busy, rapidly expanding place. It's easy to feel lost in the crowd, or overwhelmed by the press of obligations that seem to surround you. School, work, kids, all trying to grab a piece of you- it can be hard to find time to find your place in a real community.

You are, however, not alone.

Pilgrim is a diverse community attended by people from all walks of life. Teachers, professors, musicians, architects, entrepreneurs, students, scientists- what binds us is our common belief that life is a complicated place with no easy answers, and a commitment to meeting our real-life challenges with the dignity and compassion Jesus teaches us.

No one here "checks their brain at the door". No one is going to judge you for what they think you believe; we are here to support each other as we ask the hard questions we meet throughout life. 

Below, check out our event list, as well as some pictures from past events; we hope you'll be in some of these pictures in the future:)